Augmented Productivity

Productivity Optimization Software for Enterprises With Digitized Workflows

Software That Inspires

  • Predict employee behavior before it happens
  • Activate an army of fully autonomous, AI supervisors that can intervene with preemptive conversations with employees at opportune moments to coach, encourage and correct.
  • Get instant visibility into your team’s real-time behavior without leaving your desk
  • Automate complex tasks and save thousands of hours of labor

Inspira’s Machine Suite is a customizable, AI-enablement framework designed to enhance productivity and employee wellness.

The Suite incorporates custom AI agents to automate managerial functions, providing unprecedented real-time automation. Inspira’s solution is adaptable, supporting custom data integrations and unique, autonomous requirements to maximize the potential of diverse teams.

Install the desktop software and begin optimizing the performance of both global and local teams.

|   November 3, 2023

Autonomous Productivity Software Drives Task Time Reduction

Inspira’s Machine Suite underwent testing to evaluate its capacity for reducing the average task completion time for an experienced employee at a digital marketing company. Over the duration of the 136-day experiment…
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Oct 18, 2023

Impact of Autonomous Interventions on Worker Response Times

As part of an internal workplace communication system, team members send messages…
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