Transform Employee Productivity with Inspira’s Human Optimization Platform

Autonomous AI Managers are now supercharging employee productivity, providing real-time observability and in-the-moment performance coaching:

97% on par with human managers

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Reduced lag time in team communications by


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Reduced human labor to complete tasks by


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Problems Mitigated by AI Managers

  • Supervisory overload
  • Low visibility into granular staff behavior
  • Deficient skill upgrading
  • Inefficient prioritization
  • Quiet quitting
  • Staff turnover
  • Lying or cheating
  • Long breaks
  • Too many breaks
  • Absenteeism
  • Inconsistent punctuality
  • Inconsistent productivity
  • Prone to distractions
  • Vulnerable cyberSecurity
  • Conflict between staff members
  • Poor teamwork
  • Can’t take responsibility
  • Personal tasks performed during work hours
  • Personal communications performed during work hours
  • Communication problems
  • Burnout
  • Resentment
  • Lack of motivation to do better
  • Remote employees feel disconnected

Transform Team Productivity!

Inspira’s Father and son founders hired over 2,000 employees for their previous businesses, developing AI productivity solutions now available to all businesses.

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|   November 30, 2023

Study: AI ‘Supervisor’ Demonstrates Human Empathy when Coaching Employees

Over the course of October 2023, 1143 study participants were given access to HARRi, Inspira’s AI assistant that streamlines employee operations and possesses many of the same capabilities as a human manager, to experience what it would…
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|   November 8, 2023

Inspira Launches Humanized AI Personality, HARRi

Inspira AI Corp today announces the launch of HARRi, (Humanized Anthropomorphic Rapport with Reflection and Intuition) an AI personality that has the ability to take on a growing list of supervisory conversations with employees who…
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|   November 3, 2023

Autonomous Productivity Software Drives Task Time Reduction

Inspira’s ‘Machine Suite‘ software was activated to autonomously monitor, asses and motivate the employee toward behaviour change. The employee had not been primed or prepared in any way, prior to the experiment…
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|   October 18, 2023

Impact of Autonomous Interventions on Worker Response Times

Lag time in the production pipeline of a digital marketing company was reduced by 47.34% after introducing autonomous, AI-enabled, productivity optimization software. Over the seven-month study period, results continued to improve, indicating that…
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