AI Coach

Power your Generative Coaching Applications with the AI Coach API

    Are you developing a desktop, mobile or web app for coaching? Integrate the AI Coach API to reduce development and maintenance costs. Improve consistency, quality and personalization.


      • Suitable for white labelled or custom branded front ends
      • Integrate with any data source
      • Granular reporting per company, user, platform and use case
      • Enterprise-class security
      • RESTful API compatible with any language
      • 99.90% uptime

    In October of 2023, the first AI Coach integration was introduced through the coaching bot, HARRi. The bot was released into the real-world workplace at a digital marketing company with fifty employees.

    AI Coach was given access to employee data, including planned work schedules and work history. This allowed it to generate highly customized coaching content for the front-end bot. By making custom API calls to AI Coach, the bot was able to trigger real-time conversations with employees when certain behavior was detected. For example, good behavior would result in personalized praise to reinforce good habits, and bad habits were curbed.

    The AI Coach API can power autonomous chatbots in desktop, mobile and web applications. It can also supply information to a human management team.

    Data Integration

    Custom variables may be passed to the API without any custom data integrations, but when the need arises, data integrations include:


    • Vector databases
    • SQL databases
    • Finetuned LLMs
    • Third-party APIs


    Advanced, patent-pending guardrails allow your coaching bots to operate safely without compromising conversational guidelines. 

    AI Coach dramatically reduces development time and maintenance headaches. If you are developing an autonomous coaching platform, consider AI Coach your partner!