AI Managers Can Now Supervise, Train and Motivate Employees

If you have a team, AI managers can now compliment your human supervisory team.

AI Managers are now capable of carrying numerous frontline superivisory duties with a high degree of consistency and human-level empathy.

    • Improve reliability
    • Improve communications
    • Improve productivity

AI Managers can Supervise Employees…

Supervision capabilities include real-time monitoring and analysis of each employee’s productivity, as well as behavior that indirectly influences that productivity. AI managers are trained to have judgement as to when interventions are truly needed. The AI system is careful to not confront every instance of every type of behavior and instead uses common sense, just like a human would. Supervisors can offer praise to reinforce good behavior, as well as constructive coaching to change habitual non productive behavior into great behavior. We are currently making available use cases for reliability, communications and productivity.

HARRi AI Agent chat intro example

In October of 2023, the first AI Manager was introduced through the coaching bot, HARRi, who began supervising fifty employees at a digital marketing company. (Meet HARRi below).

The AI Manager was given access to employee data, including planned work schedules and work history. This allowed it to generate highly customized supervision and motivational conversations with employees when certain behavior was detected. For example, good behavior would result in personalized praise to reinforce good habits, and bad habits were curbed.

AI Managers can Train and Motivate Employees…

Training and motivation can take place during regular, day-to-day interactions between the AI manager and employees. It can also be more extensive during periodic performance reviews which the AI system can autonomously schedule with employees.

Example of AI Supervisor having conversation with employee

Revolutionize Employee Performance…

Compliment your human management team with AI Managers to supervise team members when humans just don’t have the time or energy to keep tabs on every little detail. You set the rules for frequency, tone and scope. Can be customized by our technical team for your precise needs.