Development Partnership

Develop AI Productivity Software for
Direct Integration with the Machine Suite

Will your AI software perform work that is normally performed by humans? Will it improve the human experience?

Corporations are actively seeking AI solutions that will elevate their people. If your development idea will make humans more productive, and happier on the job, let’s talk!

Integration options

  • Marketing. Inspira will promote your solution through its marketplace, sales conversations and marketing literature.
  • Billing. At your option, Inspira can collect usage fees on your behalf.
  • Human inputs. Your software must post human inputs to the Inspira API. This data will provide stakeholders with consolidated reports on usage levels.
  • Output signals. Your software must post status signals to the Inspira API. This may include queue data, workload updates, progress predictions, errors, human intervention requirements, midway milestones, job completions, and more.
  • Autonomous events. All signal data can be leveraged for autonomous events, such as job retries or multi-channel alerts to humans, all triggered through Inspira’s Machine Suite.
Inspira AI Science Team

To qualify for partnership, your AI software must perform work that is normally performed by humans, while not degrading human experience.

This partnership opportunity is available to reputable developers and technology companies who desire to expand their marketing footprint by offering optimization tools to knowledge workers (those who use computers in their day-to-day).


Applicants will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.