Transform your business with these AI solutions from Inspira

AI Opportunity Analysis

Our team will work with you to create a prioritized list of AI opportunities, ranging from autonomous employee supervision to the automation of tasks. The analysis includes approximate costs, time frames and payoffs. This assessment can prevent losses due to overeager projects being undertaken before all the options are on the table, as it allows your management team to intelligently filter the options based on cost and opportunity cost.


Whisper: Discover True Productivity

Whisper is Inspira’s desktop application for discovering opportunities for human productivity optimization. Whisper is installed on employee desktop computers and silently captures and classifies data that is directly and indirectly linked to productivity. This data is then fed into the AI engines responsible for productivity optimization. In under 30 days, expect to receive insights into formerly hidden opportunities for immediate workforce improvement.

AI Managers

Our patent-pending cognitive framework enables the deployment of teams of AI Managers that can supervise, train and motivate your employees.

Workflow Automation

Automating tasks and workflows can dramatically reduce labor requirements. Inspira’s technology team can help you future-proof your business and get ahead of the competition by automating work.

Machine Suite

The Machine Suite is our customizable human optimization platform for  HCM, AI integration and business transformation. Digitize your workflows, get profound insights, predict future events and automate the optimization of productivity, all driven by our patent-pending artificial intelligence systems.