AI Manager

Supercharge employee productivity by activating a team of autonomous AI managers to complement your executive team.

    When your managers don’t have time to catch and fix every little human problem, let AI fill the gap!

      • Boost productivity
      • Reduce labor costs
      • Eliminate fraud
      • Improve your production pipeline
      • Enhance customer satisfaction
      • Reduce customer attrition
      • Scale faster, with less HR friction

    In October of 2023, we introduced our first management bot, HARRi, into the real-world workplace at a digital marketing company with fifty employees. Today HARRi and his fellow AI managers complement supervisory efforts by monitoring users on every team and initiating intervention conversations with staff when problems arise. All this happens in real time.

    The AI managers are fully autonomous. They have access to employee performance data and provide customized performance coaching at just the right moment. The goals is to intervene before little problems become big problems and before bad behavior becomes a habit.

    Can our people do better? There is no question. We all leave something on the table when it comes to our performance and we all have both good and bad days. An AI Manager can raise the valleys of performance and reduce the time it takes the team to complete tasks.

    HARRi can be introduced into any company as an assistant, performance coach, team leader or even as a supervisor with real authority to make management decisions. Advanced, patent-pending guardrails allow HARRi to operate autonomously.

    AI managers can be turned on and off for individual team members, allowing you to test on a small scale. See for yourself how performance can be improved in key areas that impact productivity, including focus, reliability, communications and job satisfaction.