Desktop Productivity Optimization

Inspira’s desktop software supports Windows V10 or higher.  Download the latest version below if you are already registered.

MacOS for OS V11+ is available for download only after company registration.

The application monitors over one hundred metrics related to productivity.

The data automatically syncs with our ML server, where it goes through pre-processing before it is fed into pre-trained ML models.

The result is highly intuitive insights that are translated into automated opportunities for productivity optimization. Most software in this space can provide reports which then require manual intervention by supervisors. Inspira is different in that it automates the performance optimization process with psychology-based, behavior design.

Prediction capabilities include night-before alerts of next-day absenteeism as well as the number of hours a user will productively work the next day. Inspira can also predict levels of productivity an hour in advance, or if bad behavior is about to occur (like taking unscheduled breaks or generally slacking off). Once again, the predictions trigger automated behavior modification systems, saving valuable management time for incurable offenses.

$320.00 per registered user per month.


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