Intervention Engine API

Would you like to automate the nudging of your team towards better behaviour?

The Intervention Engine is built into our Managerial machine suite. If you are a developer, the API allows you to build aggressive messaging solutions where timely feedback from users is essential.

If you need users to respond fast to your messages, the intervention engine API can be integrated into any tech stack.

The engine has two implementations…

First, conversational agents constantly monitor behaviour for events that require managerial intervention. Automated management alerts are triggered, but not before autonomous agents intervene with the user.

The second implementation works by allowing you to configure an escalating series of messages to a user.


Message 1 – Email. If user does not respond in 4 hours, automatically send message 2.

Message 2 – SMS message to the user’s phone. If user does not respond in 2 minutes, automatically send message 3.

Message 3 – Recorded message to the user’s phone (phone rings). If user does not respond in 1 minute, automatically send message 4.

Message 4 – Push notification to your mobile app. If user does not respond in 30 minutes, automatically send message 5.

Message 5 – Push notification to your custom software via our socket server. If user does not respond in 1 minute, send message 6.

Message 6 – Make three automated calls to the user’s phone, one after the other.


Each message can contain a payload for expected user response, such as Yes, or No. User response (or lack of response) is logged in the backend for reporting.

A response to any message automatically stops the pre-programmed sequence.


API Pricing

$30.00 per registered user per month plus usage.

Usage fees (based on USA delivery):

Emails $0.01 per message

SMS $0.03 per message

Phone calls $0.10 per minute or part thereof

Push notifications to custom apps $0.01 per message

Socket notifications to custom apps $0.01 per message


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