November 30, 2023 – (Los Angeles CA.)Inspira AI, a company at the forefront of innovation in autonomous agents for workforce optimization, today released study results that demonstrate AI Assistants are now capable of demonstrating human empathy and emotions during routine managerial conversations.

Over the course of October 2023, 1143 study participants were given access to HARRi, Inspira’s AI assistant that streamlines employee operations and possesses many of the same capabilities as a human manager, to experience what it would be like to have an AI personality confront them when they are late for work.

HARRi is the world’s first AI personality in a genuine supervisory role. While a confrontation from HARRi is still a confrontation, he takes more of a helpful tone, acting more like a coach with the employee’s best interest in mind.

Prior to the study, half of the participants were told they would be chatting with a human supervisor ‘trainee’. The other half were told that it was an AI chatbot. The participants then had the opportunity to engage with HARRi, who confronted them as though they were late for work.

HARRi AI Agent chat intro example

After their conversation, the participants were asked twelve YES/NO survey questions that were written by Inspira’s research team with assistance from a leading specialist in anthropomorphism, Dr. Adam Waytz, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management and the developer of the IDAQ (Individual Differences in Anthropomorphism Questionnaire).

The questions were designed to measure our perception of qualities that are normally associated with human beings, including empathy, emotions and thoughtfulness.

Averaging across the results of these attributes, 88% of the participants felt like HARRi displayed these uniquely human qualities. Remarkably, their opinion did not change much, even when the participants were told they were talking with an AI chatbot.

  • Of those who were primed to believe the agent was human: 88.61% agreed that HARRi displayed human qualities.
  • Of those who were primed to believe the agent was AI: 87.50%  agreed that HARRi displayed human qualities.

Dr. Waytz commented, “The anthropomorphism findings indicate that people perceive HARRi to demonstrate remarkably human qualities. I anticipate that people’s perception of HARRi’s  humanness will only increase as large language models and AI conversational frameworks continue to evolve.”


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