Science Team

Our coding and development teams are supported by scientists who are studying the impact of AI-enabled solutions for the optimization of human performance.

While related to productivity, our research goes beyond the mere development of AI tools which automate work, amplifying the human side of the equation, including deeper states of flow, longer periods of intense focus and, let’s not forget, more happiness. After all, if AI can’t make us happy, what are we really doing?

CEO/Data Scientist
Izzy Traub Inspira AI

Izzy Traub, our CEO, has a narrative that spans the competitive challenges of the movie industry to the cutting-edge of AI software development resulting in multiple patent applications.

After studying film at UCLA, Izzy founded the visual effects house, VFX Los Angeles, a post-production company working on projects produced by Netflix, Disney, HBO and many shows including the Bear (Hulu) and the AI box office hit, The Creator, distributed by 20th Century Studios.

At VFX Los Angeles Izzy did pioneering work in the area of deep fakes and automation of the VFX pipeline using artificial intelligence, which opened the doors for him to work directly with A-list industry heavyweights such as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

He has personally hired and supervised over five hundred employees including many remote workers, and in the process, discovered many opportunities for workflow optimization using AI.

As AI emerged as a bigger portion of the VFX business, Izzy returned to school in 2021 to obtain a certificate in data science from the University of Texas, and co-founded Inspira with his COO & father, Benny. They filed their first joint patent application on computerized productivity systems in 2021, along with several additional patents applications since then. Izzy’s pioneering AI work in the entertainment industry, coupled with his experience managing large remote teams has unearthed rich insights into AI’s potential to optimization of modern workflows.

COO/Solutions Architect
Benny Traub_COO Inspira AI

Benny Traub, our COO, studied market research and consumer behavior in the 1980’s at the College of New Caledonia then augmented his education in 2021 with a certificate in AI Strategy from MIT.

Benny took two companies public during the dot com boom and successfully delegated the management of these companies to executive teams, only to witness both companies implode during the dot com bomb of 2001. He and his wife retired for seven years and moved to Australia before coming back to work in 2009 to found and Student Marketing Agency. His organizations have served over one thousand businesses across the United States, performing thousands of projects each year.

Prior to cofounding Inspira, Benny hired and supervised more than one thousand people where he discovered unique opportunities for workflow optimization. Those new opportunities were the seeds of inspiration for Inspira.


Research Associate

Phil earned his Masters from University of Minnesota, and a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Texas. In addition to currently conducting Postdoctoral Research at the University of Arizona, Phil contributes to\ Inspira’s research architecture and performing studies into how behavioral science impacts our user experience.

Research Associate
Christopher Kay

Christopher earned his Masters from the University of California, Santa Cruz . His disciplines include Cognitive Psychology with a specialty in Psycho-linguistics, which fits in well with our AI-enabled, conversational systems. Christopher did dedicated studies in behavioral design at University of Texas, and currently contributes to Inspira’s interface strategy, as well as our research into anthropomorphism and behavior design.

Professor Jo Anne Oravec, PhD

Contributing Advisor
Jo Anne Oravec

Dr. Oravec is a full professor in the College of Business and Economics at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater.

She received her MBA, MS, MA, and PhD degrees at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She is the former chair of the Privacy Council of the State of Wisconsin, the nation’s first state-level council dealing with information technology and privacy issues. Her books include Good Robot, Bad Robot: Dark and Creepy Sides of Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, and AI, and Virtual Individuals, Virtual Groups: Human Dimensions of Groupware and Computer Networking, and more than eighty peer-reviewed articles on computing technology, public policy and futurism. She has held visiting fellow positions at both Cambridge and Oxford.

Dr. Oravec contributes to Inspira’s research initiatives into behavior modification and technology adoption.

Professor Paul Thurman, DBA

Contributing Advisor

Dr. Thurman teaches strategic management and data analysis at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health.

He earned his BS in mathematics from Stanford University, an MBA from Columbia, and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from the Ecole des Ponts Business School in Paris, France.

Dr. Thurman is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in advising and managing global firms in operations and technology strategies. He has held senior positions at Booz Allen Hamilton and American Express and has served clients on six continents.

He specializes in analytical modeling for strategic planning, decision-making and enhancing the customer experience. He has expertise in demand forecasting and performance improvement.

Dr. Thurman contributes to Inspira’s business strategy, as well as our research projects.