Task Automation Case Studies

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These AI Automation projects showcase our ability to deliver custom productivity solutions.

Here, you’ll see our commitment to client success through each unique project. We’re proud to share these accomplishments.

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Reduce Client Attrition

Clients communicate with a large digital marketing team, submitting requests and giving feedback on work. This custom AI agent reviews all incoming comments from clients and identifies early signs of frustration that, when handled routinely, often snowball into higher anxiety resulting in client cancellations. When messages from clients are classified as pre-frustration or outright anxiety, the system automatically creates a support ticket and escalates the issue with the support team for rapid response and de-escalation.

AI Managers

We created a patent-pending cognitive framework that has enabled the deployment of teams of AI Managers that can supervise, train and motivate employees.

Now you can activate autonomous AI management ‘personalities’ that will monitor employee behavior just like a human manager, yet with far more acuity and insight. The AI Managers customize their interventions according to the strengths and weakness of each team member, boosting reliability, optimizing communications and improving overall productivity.

Scheduling Trainer

This sophisticated agent interacts with employees who arrive late for their scheduled shifts.  Utilizing advanced chained prompting, the agent extracts specific information to understand the reasons for tardiness.

It then provides tailored recommendations to optimize daily schedules and prevent future late arrivals.  The agent further ensures commitment from the user to punctuality and can schedule follow-up meetings for the next day.

SEO Keyword Optimization Assistant

A specialized writing assistant that caters specifically to SEO supervisors. The automated assistant save hours of labor by performing several distinct checks on content, adjusting the text to optimize it for SEO, thereby improving online visibility and search rankings.



Movie Script Analysis for VFX

This automated script analysis is a breakthrough in the Visual Effects industry.  Traditionally, it takes a VFX Supervisor between 6 – 14 hours to fully break down a script and identify Visual Effects shots for quoting purposes.

This automated system utilizes our proprietary framework and large language models to digest a PDF script (usually 90 – 150 Pages), perform a recursive split-text analysis, and identify Visual Effects shots along with corresponding scene names.

The results are automatically organized and consolidated into a file for final review by a human VFX Supervisor. This innovative system has dramatically reduced the average labor time from six to 14 hours (depending on script complexity) down to between one and four hours.