Autonomous Workforce Optimization


  • Activate an army of fully autonomous, AI supervisors to complement your management team by having preemptive conversations with employees at opportune moments to coach, encourage and correct.
  • Predict employee behavior before it happens
  • Get instant visibility into your team’s real-time behavior without leaving your desk
  • Integrate AI automation tools into our platform to get HAILR  productivity metrics.

Optimize your frontline production pipeline and routine managerial tasks with Inspira’s Machine Suite: An end-to-end operating system for organizations with digitized workflows.

A new generation of AI tools are emerging which will forever transform workflows and business processes.

In the coming years, humans will delegate work to AI systems which will rapidly and inexpensively produce goods and services.

As far as we can see into the future, humans will remain a critical component to all this productivity, for planning and delegation to AI systems, and to review and revise the productive output.

As new, autonomous tools emerge, we anticipate that they will be generally available to all companies, meaning that competitive advantage will likely not be possible by the mere adoption of these AI tools. There is compelling evidence which indicates that future competitive advantage will continue to come from humans, not from machines… even more so than it does today. That’s why the machine suite was built for humans. To make each of us the best we can be.

Engines of Inspira’s AI Machine Suite

Inspira’s Machine Suite consists of powerful AI-enabled ‘engines’ that can be customized by our team to perform hundreds of routine management tasks… tasks that are time-consuming for humans, but trivial for the machine suite. Each engine seamlessly integrates to autonomously optimize production levels. We filed our first patent on this topic in 2021 and have not stopped innovating.


Observability Engine

Recollection Engine

The Observability Engine collects copious amounts of data from workstations and feeds it to the Classification Engine in the cloud.

Purpose-built desktop software is installed on each workstation and securely collects data that directly and indirectly contributes to productivity.

      • Over 30 different types of observable system data is collected.
      • Over 20 types of observable behavioral data is collected.

Classification Engine

The Classification Engine ingests and organizes behavioral and system data

A.I. can perform wonders. It does this by uniquely processing the information that we give it access to. We remain in control of what data it can use.

Behavioral and production data can be ingested from any user workstation, using Inspira’s proprietary desktop software for Mac or Windows.

Data can also be ingested from any AI production tool that has been integrated with the machine, via our API. (Custom endpoints are available upon request.)

The Classification Engine classifies, labels and stores data on encrypted AWS servers in a format the other AI engines can process.

After ingest, the data is cleaned, normalized, enriched and aggregated in preparation for additional processing by other engines of the machine.

Data security is our top priority. Industry-leading encryption methods are employed to protect your data while it is in transit and at rest. The encryption methods are compliant with AWS enterprise standards.

Prediction Engine

The Prediction Engine predicts future events and behavior. When the alarm bells go off, it triggers the Communication Engine to take advantage of upcoming opportunities, or avoid catastrophe.

As an example, when the Prediction Engine indicates that a team member will not show up for work the next day (>90% accuracy), it can autonomously get confirmation from the employee, alert management, or even reassign projects to other people.

Once the team member confirms, (or if they are radio-silent) you can decide how the system should behave. The system could reassign that person’s work, and/or it could alert a human manager who decides what to do.

The Prediction Engine can be tuned to anticipate completion times for  any autonomous work being performed by the Production Engine, or predict production hiccups that might be avoidable with clever intervention.

Predictions can be custom built for your needs, limited only by imagination.

Detection Engine

The detection engine identifies real-time events that are impacting productivity, or which require attention.

For example, if a team member arrives to work late, you can decide how the system should behave. If the team member is seasoned, the Detection Engine can ignore infrequent lateness and only intervene if the problem is chronic.

However, if the team member is new and still in training, you can have the Detection Engine immediately launch a Success Coach to do what a human manager would do…

“Why are you late”? The coach can do an immediate, impromptu training on why the company values punctuality, and then follow-up with the team member the next day to reinforce the principle.

The Detection Engine can also detect real-time events in the Production Engine, such as production problems, or task completions. Interventions can then be triggered to retry problematic issues, or to push tasks through multi-phase autonomous workflows.

Detections can be custom built for your needs, limited only by imagination.

Recollection Engine

Recollection Engine

The Recollection Engine uncovers valuable insights from historical data.

This includes assembling performance reports which would normally take a human many hours to assemble. But it does so much more.

      • Like the Detection and Prediction engines, the Recollection Engine can also be used to trigger interventions. E.g. A trainee has arrived to work on time 10 days in a row. The Recollection Engine can trigger the Communication Engine to reach out and congratulate the team member, reinforcing the positive habit.
      • The Recollection Engine can identify patterns and events in any historical work performed by the Production Engine.
      • The Recollection Engine feeds the Investigation Engine with rich data that provides management with high visibility into historical work patterns.
      • Recollections can be custom built for your needs, limited only by imagination. 

Communication Engine

Behavioral Science-Driven Communications

Communications are autonomously triggered by the Prediction, Detection and Recollection Engines.
The Communication Engine can send system-to-system messages via our numerous APIs or socket layer. System-to-system messages can trigger any autonomous event, including initiation of automated jobs.  When an Intervention is directed at AI production tools, it can trigger retries or multi-phase, autonomous workflows.
The engine can send system-to-team messages via chat, email, SMS, automated phone calls (US only) or through push notification to our desktop application, and the soon-to-be-released mobile communications app.

Coaching sessions can be on any topic that you desire. Custom coding is required, but our agent framework is capable of rapid customization.

The capabilities of our coaching conversations are rapidly advancing, including showing emotion and displaying empathy.

Interventions can be custom built for your needs, limited only by imagination.

Investigation Engine

The Investigation Engine was designed to provide managers with in-depth insights into their team’s work patterns

      • It utilizes digitized ‘focus’ data to provide insight into what every team member was working on at every moment in time.
      • It also includes real-time behavior insights, providing you with the ability to see precisely what the team is working on at this very second.
      • The Investigation Engine offers a granular view of each user’s activities, allowing you to gauge the rate of productivity, identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth. By offering comprehensive visibility into work habits, this engine aids in optimizing team performance, ensuring that resources are utilized efficiently, and fostering a more transparent and accountable work environment.

Interventions can be custom built for your needs, limited only by imagination.


Production Engine

The Production Engine is the future collection of AI tools that your team members will use to automate production tasks. This currently includes tools for generating text and images, but will soon include fully automated functions and agents that can produce work currently performed by humans.


This collection will include the specialized tools that you will develop, as well as third-party tools developed by others and then plugged into the Machine Suite by integration partners.

When each tool seamlessly integrated into the machine, it becomes an end to end operating system for your workforce. Production data generated by the tools is ingested into the Classification Engine, then processed by the Prediction, Detection and Recollection Engines to produce reports, or trigger additional autonomous work by the AI production tools.

  • Human inputs. Post human inputs to the Machine Suite API. This data will provide stakeholders with consolidated reports on usage levels.


  • Output signals. Post status signals to the API. This may include queue data, workload updates, progress predictions, errors, human intervention requirements, midway milestones, job completions, and more.


  • Autonomous events. All signal data can be leveraged for autonomous events, such as job retries or multi-channel alerts to humans, all triggered through Inspira’s Machine Suite.

Inspiration Engine


Our behavioral science team is innovating a work experience like none other

      • The goal of the Inspiration Engine is to stimulate brain chemicals that reinforce success habits and to make work more fun. We’ve leaned heavily on the work of pioneers in this field, including B.J. Fogg of Stanford, as well as other leading behavioral science researchers
      • So far, these efforts have resulted in the engineering of human-like performance coaches that can empathize, understand complex motivations and encourage us towards better performance.
      • The Inspiration Engine adds touches of traditional gamification in the form of leaderboards and the recognition of streaks. But our vision for the future of work experience includes manufactured social dynamics that are tuned to each person’s motivational matrix.
And this is just the beginning. Inspirational strategies can be custom built for your needs, limited only by imagination and the boundaries of what we currently know about human motivation.

Remote Worker Support

The Machine Suite also closes the gap between the office worker and the remote worker.

Now remote workers can experience the similar managerial benefits as those who are on-site… with frequent coaching, training and encouragement, along with unparalleled management visibility into realtime performance.

See pricing and get on the waitlist for the soon-to-be-released execution guide:

“3 Steps to Autonomous Workforce Optimization – A guide for managers and system integrators”