MOE Metrics Optimization Engine

Meet MOE, an AI-driven, Metrics Optimization Engine.

MOE’s specialty is optimizing employee metrics and he can replace thousands of hours supervisory and management time. MOE improves performance automatically by predicting when bad behavior will occur, then intervening and improving productivity WITHOUT consuming management time.

Example; If MOE predicts a user will not show up for work tomorrow, he sends a request to the Intervention Engine to take action. Intervention Engine sends one or more cleverly designed messages to the user, attempting to get them to confirm their commitment to show up the next day. A recommitment has the effect of anchoring the user’s intentions towards the desired behavior. When the messages are well designed, a high percentage of users take these commitments seriously enough to change their behavior, thus reducing the cost and frustration associated with absenteeism by a measurable and significant degree.

Absenteeism is only one example how MOE can improve productivity.

General use cases that reduce supervisory and management time include…

1. Obtaining quicker feedback from team members, speeding up project completion.

2. Obtaining commitments or recommitments for anything, including meetings, attending scheduled work shifts, making follow-up calls, etc.

3. Nudging team members to take action on any item that needs priority attention.

4. Real-time correction in the midst of bad behavior (e.g. watching YouTube when they should be working)

MOE’s backend data processing engine has been tuned to improve productivity. His engineering is based on proven principles of behavior design and choice architecture.

All interventions and user actions are logged by MOE. The results may be optionally gamified into a ‘Reliability Score’ or ‘Team Spirit Score’. Pick a label that fits your culture! Regardless, productivity score is the primary focus.


Expect an upfront fee between $20k and $50k for consulting and configuration, with annual fees starting at $250k, with a guaranteed ROI in under 90 days. Consider the cost is similar to C level executive, who will replace the need for additional managers as you scale. Existing managers workload of performance reviews and interventions are dramatically reduced and therefore their time may be refocused on broader performance solutions such as the design of better training or gamification systems.

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